Shop small tomorrow!


Stop by Bungalow tomorrow for Shop Small Business Saturday and pick up some of these cute jewels from Sugar Bean Jewelry!

About Sugar Bean Jewelry:

Jen’s retail experience started in 1983 when she went to work for a small boutique in Tucson Arizona. Ten years later, she opened her first boutique in Tucson that she eventually sold after getting married and moving to Phoenix.

After the birth of her “Sugar Beans” Jen decided to open her second boutique in Phoenix in 2003. Balancing her busy life as a boutique owner, buyer, wife and mother she continued to be fascinated with the design and manufacturing of jewelry.

Her love of jewelry and extensive knowledge from being a buyer led her to developing a line where price, quality and wear ability were priorities. What resulted was a fashion forward jewelry line, made from high quality materials that everyone could afford.

Her passion for creating jewelry not only fulfilled a niche for the boutique world but also took her own boutique to a different level.

“Jewelry has always been an important part of our inventory, one size fits all and it can make or break an outfit.”

“As a buyer and owner of a boutique, I have unique understanding of what the wholesaler needs to provide to the retailer. I also have the capability of knowing what does well for the retailer because my own boutique does so well with the line.”

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