Sustainable Furniture


Did you know if each of us spent $100 a year on local business instead of chain stores, it would put an extra $3 Million a year into our Economy? What about putting money into our economy and helping the planet one purchase at a time?

At Bungalow AZ we are very passionate about supplying our customer with the latest and greatest USA made products, especially when it comes to sustainable furniture and upholstery.


What is Sustainable Furniture? 

Sustainable, environmentally-safe, and eco-friendly furnishings are made and distributed in ways that protect our planet. Sustainable Furnishing Manufactures take steps to minimize carbon emissions, waste stream pollutants, un-recyclable contents and primary colors from unsustainable sources from any product platform under their control.


Bungalow is proud to offer our customers a wide variety of sustainable furniture options!

One of the sustainable brands we carry is Lee Industries. Lee Industries is proudly made in four manufacturing facilities in North Carolina! 98% of the components in their products are supplied domestically, including frames, foam, springs, cotton ticking, decking, fabrics, and packaging. Local suppliers mean local employment and reduced transportation costs and CO2 emissions. Head over to our store to shop this amazing collection!