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linda criswell

12 things I love:

1. People that make me laugh.
2. Being blonde
3. Barefoot year-round. I hate socks & the feeling of being confined.
4. My bed dressed with a sheep skin mattress pad and a silk duvet.
5. A vase of colored pencils – like a little bouquet for your desk
6. Vintage treasures I’ve picked up travelling.
7. My Golden Retriever, Milly. 
8. The sound of the wind through the pine trees at my cabin.
9. The wisdom that comes with age.
10. Red wine while cooking
11. Music over TV, any day!
12. Handmade textiles, preferably vintage.

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alicia flatin

12 things I love:

  1. Grey cashmere sweaters, denim cutoff’s, Love Quotes scarves and Ugg’s…year round!

  2. Black & white photography gallery wall.

  3. Kilian Tempt Me fragrance.

  4. Goyard totes.

  5. Boating. Big or small, I love them all!

  6. My Cartier Gold Love bracelet – 20 years with the love of my life~

  7. Baking – I bake nearly every weekend!

  8. Stacks and stacks of coffee table books.

  9. My Leica & taking pics of my twin boys.

  10. My mom’s cooking.

  11. Golden Goose cowboy boots.

  12. Summers at the lake in Minnesota.

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len annesi

12 things I love:

  1. Quiet times with my beautiful wife of 40 years.

  2. Slow-moving, old motorcycles & fast, new cars.

  3. Antique hardwood furniture.

  4. Bold primary colors.

  5. Being creative everyday at bungalow.

  6. Playing my guitar – Jazz, Christian rock & ZZ Top.

  7. Deadliest Catch.

  8. Walls layered with art & objects d’art.

  9. Ecru linen sofas with vintage-denim pillows.

  10. Reading scripture each morning for inspiration.

  11. Any kind of pizza especially cold with coffee in the morning.

  12. Hiking Camelback each week – wonderful for the pizza issue.

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sass buick

12 things I love:

  1. My lovely home – it makes me happy.

  2. Cold watermelon on a hot day.

  3. Spring – I fill my home with tulips & daffodils.

  4. Architectural Digest, no matter what year!

  5. My signed Jonathan Adler pieces.

  6. The first cup of coffee in the morning – a great Kona blend.

  7. Walking barefoot on the beaches in Hawaii.

  8. A spa day with the works.

  9. Sushi.

  10. Any Art museum or gallery.

  11. Road trips.

  12. That quiet time at the end of the day to give thanks for all that I have.

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missy foy

12 things I love:

  1. The smell of pine, reminding me of my Michigan roots.

  2. The vibrant colors of a Van Gogh, Gauguin & Foy.

  3. A Diptyque candle, glass of Veuve & my claw footed tub.

  4. Crisp white Frette percale sheets.

  5. Abyss Egyptian cotton towels from Portugal.

  6. Reclaimed wood tables, floors & frames.

  7. My jewelry studio with my homemade steel pipe and wood shelving unit.

  8. Baking my famous pumpkin chocolate chunk muffins for family & friends.

  9. My eclectic home full of treasures from around the world.

  10. A crystal vase full of flowers.

  11. Going through my Pinterest & Houzz boards at the end of the day.

  12. Hiking one of the many beautiful Arizona trails.

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jeff furtado

12 things I love:

  1. Classic Converse with jeans or a Ralph Lauren suit.

  2. Abercrombie & Fitch #8 Cologne.

  3. My vintage art collection.

  4. Colored ribbon belts from Ralph Lauren & J.Crew for the summer.

  5. Blue & white chinese pottery.

  6. Grey Goose dirty martini – up with 2 olives.

  7. California.

  8. Black & white movies from the 40′s & 50′s.

  9. Home magazines, especially House Beautiful.

  10. My cat Cleo, who is now living in my favorite vintage blue & white jar.

  11. Fresh pink peonies on my coffee table.

  12. McDonald’s coffee.

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sara miller

12 things I love:

  1. Hermes 24 Faubourg

  2. Soft Linen Bedding

  3. Traveling with my husband

  4. Dan, Corey, Jake, Wesley and Anna

  5. The smell of Easter Lilies

  6. Old Gumps china

  7. Visiting family in Pacific Grove in the fall

  8. I love hiking Spur Cross in spring when the wild flowers bloom

  9. Thanksgiving because it’s just about being thankful and good food

  10. CP Shades cotton boyfriend shirts

  11. A home with beautiful views

  12. A buttery bottle of chardonnay

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ann rodarte

12 things I love:

  1. Rick, Cris, Tony & Brandon.

  2. Blue & white Chinese pottery in every room.

  3. Alfresco dining – anytime, anyplace.

  4. Beautiful old churches of Spanish Missions.

  5. My CP Shades white woven.

  6. Any animal print pillow.

  7. My grandmother’s squash blossom necklace.

  8. Happy hour in our courtyard with family & friends.

  9. Walls filled with western art.

  10. Spending time with happy, positive people.

  11. Layering family treasures with new favorites from bungalow!

  12. Kuba cloth throws on sofas, beds, or anywhere to add just the right amount of color.

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kathy schatzberg

12 things I love:

  1. Skiing in the beautiful Rocky Mountains in Canada.

  2. Spending time with family & friends at the beach.

  3. Frankie & Millie (my dogs).

  4. French architecture and literature.

  5. Anything cashmere.

  6. Morning coffee with my French press.

  7. Original vintage posters as art.

  8. Fresh cut flowers, especially peonies.

  9. Traveling abroad and visiting art museums.

  10. Baking my grandmas secret recipe for sugar cookies.

  11. Arizona sunsets.

  12. Children’s laughter.

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abby simms

12 things I love:

  1. Cooking dinner with my husband.

  2. Collecting vintage finds for a gallery wall.

  3. It's a 10 miracle leave-in product.

  4. A crisp all white bed.

  5. My Wildfox sunglasses. They have stars on the frames!

  6. A big stack of books.

  7. My cat, Chloe!

  8. Fresh flowers.

  9. Sunsets at the beach.

  10. Polaroids from our wedding day.

  11. Travelling somewhere new.

  12. The smell of an Arizona rain.

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claire liston

12 things I love:

  1. Collaging baskets of all shapes and colors on a wall.

  2. The fresh relaxed look of linen in an all white room.

  3. Gallery walls with shelving and a mix of artisan items.

  4. Mixing faux and real greenery for a natural “green thumb” effect.

  5. Pine scented candles.

  6. White fluffy terrycloth robes and slippers.

  7. Helping my family with their house projects.

  8. Ladders for architectural and functional appeal.

  9. Velvet upholstered footstools in bright colors.

  10. Bohemian vibes and vintage trailers.

  11. The magic of the sights and flavors of Santa Fe.

  12. Movies from the 1940’s.

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robyn tyson

12 things I love:

  1. The mountains.

  2. Impromptu evenings with friends.

  3. Bright yellow sunflowers.

  4. Soaking up the desert scenery at sunset.

  5. Cuddling up in my comfy bed—soft sheets, a matelasse duvet filled with a down comforter…

  6. My favorite pair of ripped up raw edge ankle jeans.

  7. Mixing styles, textures, and colors.

  8. Helping others to declutter and organize.

  9. Creating colorful arrangements with wildflowers.

  10. Blue and white pottery.

  11. Teaching art lessons to young children.

  12. Playing in a cold mountain spring with my kids.

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